Last month I had the privilege of visiting the beautiful city of Prague. As an Official Fujifilm X-Photographer, I was invited to be part of an exhibition at the Czech Photography Center showcasing the work of 27 Fujifilm X-Photographers from around the world.  Being able to share my work with such an array of talented photographers made me feel incredibly lucky.


Louise Corpechot


Claire Teisseyre

I had visited Prague once before, back in 2005, also during winter time. Interestingly, it felt much like nothing had changed from the last time I was there. The city breathed of Christmastime everywhere. Even some of the decor at the Christmas market in the town square was practically identical.


Michaela Krajcová


Sarah Dadonova


Marina Zhukovskaya & Danilo Lo Monaco

This time around however, I was able to experience the city with a photographic eye. It is so interesting how much time, experience and perspective can change the way we view things. While Prague is extremely beautiful on its own, being able to visit the city one more time, with a different point of view and objective made me appreciate it even more. The rhythm, the colors, the textures and even the smells were all the same, yet I was able to perceive them very  differently this time around. They had another meaning.


Kristian Mensa


Abby Bushnell


Alexandra Pera & Paul Tudor

Makes you ponder…perhaps often times, life is a lot about what we are looking for, what we are trying to find. Those are the things that bring meaning to the every day, mundane  events, things and the people we encounter thought our lives.


Louise Corpehot & Giovanni Rotolo


Demi Trezona


Marek Mensa




Michaela Krajcová

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  1. Heide

    Your images are so arresting that I found myself literally holding my breath a couple of times as I perused this post. Thank you for sharing your work here.


  2. Beautiful post and photos. And I absolutely agree with you about finding what we’re looking for, except that I think a lot of us spend a lot of our lives trying to figure out what we want to be looking for.

    Zoe Inez xxx


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