Buenos Aires, Querido

For years and years, I had been yearning of making my way to Argentina. Perhaps it was all the Carlos Gardel tangos my grandfather used to play when I was a kid. Or the irresistible and hypnotic tone of the Argentinean accent in Spanish. It so happened, while I was visiting Chile, the folks at the Buenos Aires Tourism Board got word I was in the vicinity and kindly offered me an invitation to spend 2 nights in Buenos Aires.


Mora Godoy & Cristian Ponce


Laura Penido

My stay in Buenos Aires was short but intense. Since everything happened at the very last minute, I reached out to as many dancers as I could hoping at least one or two would be available. As it turned out, almost every dancer I reached out to, was available and eager to collaborate with me. This in turn caused me to overbook my time in Buenos Aires with shoots. I ended up doing 6 shoots in less than 48hrs.


Justina Dayloff


Margarita Peralta & Marcone Fonseca


Laura D’Onofrio

Things went by fast, really fast. I was finishing one shoot, driving right away to another location to start with the next. Hitting one amazing location after another. From La Boca, to Micro Centro,  to San Telmo to Recoleta. I have no one else to blame for the overbooking but myself, tho. The tourism board folks, watch me work in awe not understanding where was I drawing energy from to keep shooting.


Justina Dayloff


Laura Penido


Laura D’Onofrio


Camila Bocca

In all honesty it was overwhelming, and exhausting and for a brief moment I thought I was going nuts. But it was AWESOME AND TOTALLY WORTH IT! Booking that many shoots in such a short period of time forced me to visit just a as many neighborhoods. Buenos Aires was everything I imagined all this years and then some. The colors, architecture, the people, that beautiful porteño accent heard everywhere. I even got to shoot with the one and only Mora Godoy. Was I dreaming?


Laura D’Onofrio


Margarita Peralta


Camila Bocca

After all was said and done, I finished extremely satisfied with the work I was able to produce. I pushed myself to the limits and that is often when we find ourselves to be the most creative. I am definitely, definitely going back for a longer stay!


Margarita Peralta & Marcone Fonseca


Mora Godoy & Cristian Ponce


Laura Penido

For mor images  and prints visit: http://www.omarzrobles.com/Prints/Buenos-Aires-Querido/n-T2hjfs/


All images and text ©2017 Omar Z Robles. All Rights Reserved. Do not copy or use with out written consent from Omar Z Robles.


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