The Streets of Santiago.

On August 1, 2017, I arrived in Santiago, Chile. As a Fujifilm X-Photographer Ambassador, I was invited to be guest speaker at the brand’s official launch event in Chile. Once my engagements with the brand concluded, I stayed several days longer to spend time shooting local dancers.


Romina Contreras & Rodrigo Guzmán

One of the questions people ask me frequently is why do I photograph dancers in the streets. Why not the studio or the theatre or nature? Photographing on the streets of Santiago, brought a whole new meaning to that question.


María Lovero


Romina Contreras & Rodrigo Guzmán


Katerine Rodríguez & Lucas Alarcón


Jocelyn Barrios

I photograph on the streets because that is where the history happens. Where the past, present and future collide. Streets witness laughter, victories, defeats. They are the host of our collective memory. The streets are where we become one with the rest, with the world.


Melisa Briones


Amara Perez


Carla Cepeda & Gonzalo Fernández


Katerine Rodríguez

Chile, in particular, is a country where photography played an enormous role in defeating tyranny. So much so, that for a while photography was even censored in local media. Newspapers and magazines were printed with empty spaces where the photographs would normally reside.



Monserrat López


Romina Contreras


Natalia Berrios


José Manuel Ghiso

Photographers would hit the streets daily, documenting the faces of the ones left in anonymity. As a community, their cameras became the strongest weapons against the oppressive system. When photography was censored in the media, they printed their own pictures and hung them on their necks, walking around as a living exhibits.


Melisa Briones


Romina Contreras


Amara Perez


María Lovero

Walking and photographing in those same streets, I had big shoes to fill. I humbly hope the work I created in Santiago rose to the challenge honoring all the great photographers who put their lives on the line aiming for change.


Constanza Sánchez


Jocelyn Barrios


Romina Contreras & Rodrigo Guzmán


Natalia Berrios & José Manuel Ghiso


Katerine Rodríguez & Lucas Alarcón


Monserrat López

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    Beautiful! The views, dancers especially Romina Contreras & Rodrigo Guzmán are incredibly awesome and i must confess that the streets of Santiago, this article is splendid and i would love to re-blog this post if you don’t mind. huh? Bravo!!! You did a great and spectacular work here. It’s a job well-done.


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  3. Heide

    I was living in Perú when Pinochet seized power, but I’d never heard about the suppression of photography before — or about the brave people who defied that mandate and made photographs anyway. By teaching your readers about that history you have indeed honored “all the great photographers who put their lives on the line aiming for change,” Omar. As for your own images, I can only repeat what I always say when I see your work: “¡Dios mío, qué belleza!” Thank you for this beautiful and inspiring post.


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